Baz Electronic aimed to be one of the leading suppliers in many fields such as Small Household Eletrical Appliances, White goods, Heating-Cooling, Air Conditioning, Lightening, Electrics & Electronics, Automotive and many similiar fields by it Wiring Harness / Cable Assembly and various outsource services by its expert and dynamic staff. It is the dynamic solution partner of the industry by more preferred by day by with its competitive prices and quality-based business ethics.

Baz Electronic has quality system certificates such as ISO-9001-2008 and uses products with quality certificates sych as VDE, ROHS, TSE and HAR.

Our goal is to be one of the leading suppliers in the industry by providing quicker and more practical solutions at lower costs and hight quality with the goal of continous development and "zero error" in the produciton for the demands of our clients.

We adopted to be a company creating value for its personnel and clients as our Mission by aiming to be the first choice of the clients with our products, solutions, quality approach, competitive prices, reliability and business ethics we provide.

Our vision is to provide fast solutions at low costs without compromising the top quality for variable demands, and to gain a place in the domestic and foreign markets and to display continous progress.

Baz Electronic proud to be your solution partner...


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